used ophthalmic equipment for sale

Owning and operating an Optometry practice is extremely expensive, especially when opening cold. In fact, one of the biggest mistakes New Grads make is to buy too much ophthalmic equipment without having enough cash flow. However even buying the most basic equipment can be expensive. Most consultants will recommend that you find reliable but used ophthalmic equipment for sale.

Many manufacturers offer really good financing on new equipment with friendly payments terms and a great interest rate. This can seem appealing but those payments start to add up quickly. And if the business does not grow as fast as you hope, it can really cash strap a practice.

Finding refurbished used used ophthalmic equipment for sale can be a very smart strategy as long as you know what you are looking for. Many used equipment companies like Lombart offer great prices on refurbished and used ophthalmic equipment. This remain a viable and strong option but the products do tend to cost a little more than peer to peer sites like CraigList. But the trade off is that you have a better peace of mind and financing options.

Craigslist and eBay have become very popular since the peer to peer connection can create the best level of savings. Some may charge a listing fee but it is still much less than what a “middle man” might charge. These avenues are great but they are also very public and very general. They are not focused solely on serving the needs of the optometric community. Listings can easily get lost and buyers and sellers are not very specialized.

In fact, that is why we created ODsList. We wanted to create a marketplace for ODs to be able to sell to ODs and yes, even MDs. By having an online classified site exclusively dedicated to the optometric community, we hope to bring you the best used equipment for Optometry and Ophthalmology at the best price directly from your colleagues.

We hope you enjoy this site as a valuable resource. As a new OD starting out, we hope that through buying used equipment from a more established practice, you are able to connect and gain new relationships to mentor you along your journey. And for the established practices looking to upgrade their equipment, we hope that you consider listing it here to help the next generation of the profession versus simply trading it in.

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